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Examination at regular intervals

A thorough examination of the chain slings should be carried out by a competent person at intervals in accordance with national legal requirements, but not exceeding twelve months.
This interval should be less where deemed necessary in the light of service conditions. Recommendation in Germany is the electromagnetic crack test.

Visual testing

Reveal any exterior defects, such as bent chain links, twisted chain links, or chain links with notches. Examination of the components, correct fitting as well as completeness and efficiency of safety devices.

Examination of wear and lengthening

1. Examine wear of diameter
2. Examine plastic elongation caused by overloding
3. Examine pitch elongation due to wear in the diameter

Lifting Accessories

Lifting hooks must be replaced when the opening of the mouth is deformed more than 10%, and also if the hook is worn more than 5%, or if it shows deep notches. Maximum permitted wear of V-Bolt diam.—10%. Same applies for lateral bending of the hook. When exchanging components use new load and retaining pins.

Do not use chains over sharp edges.

Sharp edge: radius of edges < chain diam.
20% reduction in capacity, otherwise use next larger chain, or use edqe protection

Chains must be free of knots

Use appropriate shortening component

Do not use twisted chains

Use a swivel or shortening component

Master links must be moveable in the crane hook

Therefore use special master links in special dimensions VSAK

Unsymmetrical Load

In case of unsymmetrical load, pay attention to reduced WLL


Consider possible influence of temperature
It is reasonable to use special hooks, which are designed according standards

Avoid shock loading

If this is not possible, use next larger
chain diam.

We do not assume responsibility for damage, caused by ignoring the standards specications and instructions mentioned above.
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