bash-p rope

bash-p rope

bash-p rope

  Mooring Double Braid
Mooring line with a strong, tenacious character
Double braid construction
12-44mm dia. >>

Mooring 12 Strand

Ideal for the mooring of maxi yachts
Very supple and manageble even after prolonged use.
16-44mm dia. >>

Mooring 8 Strand

Ideal for the mooring of all types of boats up to maxi yachts
10-52mm dia. >>

Cruising LineCompact

Perfectly suitable for Cruising boats and secondary running rigging on racing boats.
6-28mm dia. >>

Cruising Prestretch

Perfectly suitable for cruising boats and maxi sail yachts
3-26mm dia. >>

Cruising Low Stretch

Suitable for cruising boats and maxi sail yachts.
4-18mm dia. >>

Cruising Minimum Stretch

Suitable for cruising boats. Used in halyards, topping lifts, and after guys on cruising boats.
6-16mm dia. >>

Racing Compact

Suitable for dinghies, racing boats and maxi yachts. Used in halyards, sheets, after guys, runner backstays and tackles subject to high working loads.
2-22mm dia >>

Classic Double Braid

Perfectly suitable for vintage boats and maxi sail yachts. Used in halyards, sheets, topping lifts, tackles and control lines on Classic cruising boats.
8-18mm dia. >>

Multi Use Elastic

Suitable for multiple applications on board and production of nautical accessories. >>

Multi Use Compact

Suitable for all boats and multiple applications. Used in fenders, small moorings, towing, small boats anchors, blinds, biminies, mooring posts and various bindings.
4-18mm dia. >>

Multi Use Mini

Thin braid mini-rolls. White, black and coloured, HT Polyester and Dyneema trimlines for various uses. >>


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